NYX Madrid is so much more than a hotel. It is a gallery of contemporary art, curated by Urvanity Projects in collaboration with Iris Barak. A unique place, where new contemporary languages create a singular space: Urban art and a special attention dedicated to emerging artists are amongst the principal characteristics of NYX’ artistic concept.

Based foremost on the collaboration with local artists. NYX Madrid is a project which consists in a series of site-specific interventions and installations on walls and other spaces of the hotel that create a new kind of meeting place and an experience focused on the power of art, being able to reinvent time and space. This relationship results in a unique artwork where national and international artists created pieces that transform a functional hotel into a creative and innovative space and convert it into a significant element in the artistic scene of town.


Swinton Gallery & Urvanity. Rozar lo Imposible

The exhibition “Rozar lo Imposible” by E1000 which opens NYX Madrid’s gallery space shows artworks on two different levels.

On one side we can enjoy a studio work where glass, a material the artist investigates since 2014, is the main protagonist, due to its capacity to filter images and physical plasticity. In E1000’s mural, we can see wooden boxes hiding a gradient (very familiar to the followers of the artist) which is modified by a divergent glass filter and basic abstract geometrics, produced physically during the glasses fusion.

On the other side, the exhibition relates the interior space of the hotel and its guests, with the urban environment of the artist. We can see an abstract representation of the tracks that lead the collector of the piece to an urban experience in Madrid, indicating the way to one of E1000’s interventions in town. An object that looks like a work of art, but which, in reality, is a conceptual representation of the way to the authentic urban piece, located in the public space. This treasure hunt map is accompanied by the graphical documentation of the original result of the artwork


Sergio Mora (Rooftop swimming pool)

Sergio Mora, born in 1975 in Barcelona. His artistic practice is multidisciplinary, combining painting, illustration and cartoons. His prolific work takes us to subversive and surreal worlds, full of beautiful monsters and monstrous fantasies. He is one of the greatest exponents of Pop Surrealism in Spain, and is the 2016winner of the Latin Grammy for Best Album Design [5] [6] for “El Poeta Halley” by Spanish band ”Love of Lesbian”.

Samuel Salcedo (Hotel entrance)


Samuel Salcedo, born in 1975 in Barcelona. Salcedo’s sculptures demonstrate mastery in diverse materials and techniques, such as resin, wood and aluminum. He portrays characters which question the viewer with their subtle irony and vulnerability. Salcedo holds a BFA from the University of Barcelona and the Manchester Metropolitan University. His artworks can be found in important collections and foundations such as Fundación DKV Integralia, Madrid; Fundación La Caixa, Madrid and the MEFIC Collection.

E1000 (Driveway, entrance carpet and entrance staircase)


E1000, born in 1981 in Madrid. His public space works are commonly visible in the capital’s urban landscape. Through them, he rescues objects from oblivion and opens passageways to forgotten architectural territories. His playful and experimental installations, constructed from minute fragments, preserve the memory of the abandoned.

Ana Beltrá (Patio)


Ana Beltrá, born in 1978 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. She combines her artistic practice with print design, interior design and urban interventions, as well as social projects. She holds a BFA from the University of Barcelona, and has participated in numerous exhibitions in Barcelona, Milan, Bologna, Madrid, Tenerife and Las Palmas. She has won several awards and scholarships, including the Teror Biennale, Plácido Fleitas, the City of Las Palmas Award and the residence grant from the Joan Miró Foundation.

Ampparito (1st floor staircase)


Ampparito, was born in Madrid. The young Spanish artist subverts realities, quotidian objects and everyday behaviors through the use of close-ups, alternations, metaphors, poetry and absurdity. He seeks to bewildered the spectator, thus arousing him to think of his reality anew. He has created mural interventions and installations at Arte para todxs, Madrid; Upfest festival, Bristol; Studi Aperti, Carrara; Bienal Nacional de Diseño, Saint Ettiene and Polinizados UPV, Valencia.

Julieta XLF (Rooftop staircase)


Julieta XLF, born in 1982 in Valencia. She is an urban artist specialized in illustration, and a member of the XLF crew since 2004. Julieta XLF uses urban art as a tool to reflect on the city and to call for respect to our environment and its inhabitants. In most of her works, the female figure, as a humanist, natural and universal element, take central role.

Doa Oa (Rooftop shaft)


Doa Oa, born in Galicia. Doa Oa creates mural interventions as metaphoric reforestation of abandoned urban areas, in an attempt to enliven the landscape. The depicted vegetation usually includes autochthonous, wild or medicinal plants and scenes of botanical evolvement that awaken the viewer’s awareness to his immediate surrounding.

Add Fuel (Rooftop)


Add Fuel, born in 1980 in Cascais. The Portuguese artist began his career as a graphic designer and illustrator, creating a unique visual universe populated by sci-fi inspired, fun-loving creatures. He recently redirected his attention to reinterpreting the language of traditional tile design, the Portuguese azulejo in particular. Brimming with irony and humor, his vector-based designs or stencil-based street interventions reveal an impressive complexity and a masterful attention to details.

Lula Goce (Rooftop)


Lula Goce, born in 1976 in Baiona, Galicia. Holds an MFA in Artistic Creation and a DEA from the School of Fine Arts at the UB in Barcelona. She studied Graphic Design at the BAU School of Design and Illustration at the Escola de la Dona, Barcelona. She has painted murals at urban art festivals including the Waterford Urban Festival, Ireland; Memorie Urban, Italy; North West Walls, Belgium; Zona Maco, Mexico and Poliniza Dos, Valencia. She also exhibited in art centers such as the Casa de las Conchas, Salamanca; Matadero, Madrid and the Centro de Arte Santa Mónica, Barcelona.


The Israeli Art Wall

This concept derives from Fattal Hotels’ desire to export to the world a glimpse of what is going on in the Israeli contemporary art scene. NYX Curator, Iris Barak, hand picks the artworks for these walls, allowing the visitors to get acquainted with some of Israel’s most interesting artists. violence, torture and sex rituals are conditioned to belief, obedience, mastery and sovereignty.

Shir Moran (Reception and Entrance)


Shir Moran, born in 1986 in Ramat Gan (Israel). Holds an MFA and BFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. She is considered one of Israel’s most promising contemporary young artists.

Shiri Tarko (Reception)

Shiri Tarko, born in 1978 in Fisticii, (Romania). Holds an MFA and BFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. Her works were shown in venues in Israel and abroad.

NYX Artwork Chairs

The Two Artwork Chairs present a unique piece by a local artista in each of the NYX Hotels around the world. It is a “take” on the two chairs situated in each of the Leonardo Hotels. Through continuous dialogue, the curators develop together with the artists the idea of a chair that eventually transforms into a combination between sculpture and functional object, located in the hotel for the convenience of the guest.

Nano4814 (Reception)


NANO4814, born in 1978 in Vigo. He has been using the streets as a platform for his work since the mid 1990s. His interdisciplinary practice combines design, illustration, street interventions and gallery work, in which he focuses on personal subjects. His characteristic figures are inspired by the forms of traditional graffiti writing, while baring iconic particularities.