Things don’t change by themselves; they do through teamwork. Under the ‘Change is a Team Sport’ claim, Urvanity Projects together with B-Murals developed a new artistic project for adidas Originals in Barcelona.

A project of residencies with national and international artists and the objective of giving voice to the social and cultural groups of a community through art. The final result is a thirty minutes long documentary which shows the experiences made during the month of activity.

Barcelona and the Nau Bostik, within the neighborhood of La Sagrera were the epicenters of the project. There the artists carried out their residences together with the social groups of the immediate surroundings. A project which in spite of it’s the on-going crisis situation adapted and ended up demonstrating, that art is a great motor of vital transformation.

Artistic work, collective processes, dialogues, mural interventions and a great final exhibition. Welcome to Change is a Team Sport!

During the projects duration, a valuable compilation of visual content was made which resulted in a documentary that presents the project from the inside, including scenes, interviews and unpublished moments. Check it out here!


The Argentinean visual artist Nicolás Romero aka Ever and the conceptual artist Octavi Serra were selected to carry out the first part of this project. During these months, the artists have developed collective work processes with students from different artistic centers in the neighborhood based on their unique artistic languages. During the first week of the residency, the artists did artistic interventions within the walls of Nau Bostik and held the first meetings with their assigned collectives.

On March 13, the government announced the state of emergency due to Covid-19. The team and the artists were forced to change their work space to their home and turned them bit by bit into improvised art studios. A moment of introspection, of experimentation and of hours with the paint brush which resulted in the works of the final exhibition.

The collective work was continued through video conferences and social networks and the artists were able to integrate the whole experience into the design of the large-scale murals they would create, once back to the streets.


Finally, the lockdown was lifted. Leaving the “studio” meant giving life to everything reflected and experienced during the previous stage of confinement.

Octavi intervened the old water tank at the entrance of the Nau Bostik, a real flagship “lighthouse”, on which he created a 360º image with the “emergency exit” icon in an Infinite Loop, symbolizing the constant of problems and vital situations that we must face and from which we must learn.

Nicolás Romero’s large-format wall was formed as a composition of elements and icons talking about his experience during the project and which have been contributed by his collective to create a large contemporary still life. On top, Nicolás signed with an emblem stating “all revolutions are made together”.


The illustrator and muralist Marina Capdevila and the visual artist Mur0ne, took the project over from Nicolas and Octavi and started their month of residence at the beginning of June, characterized by the enthusiasm about going back to streets and the creation of two great artistic interventions.

Both artists have very different styles, being Mur0ne the creator of color and shapes and Marina the creator of a message through figuration, a message where the new canons of beauty are represented through old age.

His beginning of the residences in the spaces of B-Murals, began with the creation of exhibition work and the meeting with the groups associated to his intervention spaces.


Marina’s mural intervention, a side wall of the central nave of Nau Bostik, is a piece with an emotional background within the project, an intervention that speaks of unity, equality and the importance of culture and art being transversal for everyone.

The big multitrack in the I.E.S Joan Fuster, an educational center in the heart of the neighborhood of La Sagrera, was a challenge for Mur0ne and the team, as still after the intervention the court had to preserve its actual functions and at house the rest and recreation space of the center. A complicated task, but Mur0ne finally achieved to turn a gray space into one dominated by color. An impressive intervention that has completely transformed the school to a more pleasant place for its students.


After months of active work, the project closed with a collective exhibition of the four artists in the gallery space of B-Murals in the Nau Bostik where the works created during the residencies were shown.


Nicolás Romero (Ever)

The visual artist Nicolás Romero alias Ever was born, and now lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His artistic career started with painting and drawing but it is in the streets and under the pseudonym Ever that he started creating a dialogue with the environment. Today, the evolution of his work leads us to a universe of vibrant compositions, loaded with objects and symbols of modern life. An assembly of images with a deep cultural, social and reflective background.

Octavi Serra

Barcelona-based artist, designer and photographer Octavi Serra’s work is centered around capturing the ironies, truisms, and frustrations of modern life. Optical illusions and waste products are presented in public spaces and then photographed as part of an engaging philosophical series. The Spanish artist’s liberal work is a sign of the times, and a reaction to the dissatisfaction with the current social landscape.

Marina Capdevila

Painter & Illustrator based in Barcelona.
What inspires Marina is the beauty that doesn’t follow the usual aesthetic canons as old people, timeless characters lost in a society that they are already beginning to struggle to understand. Her muse is her grandmother. What she wants to communicate with her artworks is the desire to reach old age with full vitality.


Iker Muro, MurOne (1979) is an illustrator and graphic designer who began creating public murals in 2002. Muro describes his work as “an acid mixture of pop culture, graffiti, illustration and graphic design.” Muro’s vibrant and bold murals strike a distinctive balance between design and art. His work is inspired by his extensive international travels and by whatever city he is painting in.